Hey there! I'm Evan. I'm a comedian, writer & director based out of Los Angeles, CA.

I'm a huge fan of stone fruit and just started going to this very fancy gym where the instructors yell at you a bunch, which, somehow, is actually pretty helpful!

I write pilots and love writing for television. My pilot Dean Kim won awards at the Austin Film Festival, Scriptation and LaunchPad competitions. I also perform standup around LA! Check out my instagram for more details.

On TikTok I create short form videos where I use the internet to improve my life. Sometimes my videos go viral and sometimes brands pay me to make videos for them (TaskRabbit, the 2022 Paralympics, Jack in the Box and Google.) I made a basketball team with Hinge Premium's height filter, hired a hype man for my hype man and hired a makeup artist to transform me into my friend’s dad so I could use his Costco card to buy 300 chicken nuggets for a viral youtube video.

I'm also a Freelance Writer and Director. I've written and directed over 75 digital comedic short form videos for Google's Hardware, Career Certificates, and Cloud Teams. These have ranged from "person on the street" videos in Venice, CA, to studio shoots, to animated GIF's covering new product features. I'm particularly good at taking non-performers and helping them ~thrive~ on screen.

I love making other people look good on screen and doing it through comedy!

Ad Work

All works below were written and directed by me


Dating app Basketball Team

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