Hello! I'm a comedian and writer based out of Brooklyn NY
Evan Walter is a writer, comedian and actor living in Brookyn, New York. He is an improviser at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in New York and performs on a handful of indie improv teams across the city. Evan's work has been submitted to the NYTVF, iTVFest, and the Oregon independet film festival, has finished in 1st place at New York's Channel 101, and has been accepted into the Twin Falls Sandwhiches Film Festival.

When he is not performing he writes for a creatively focused video project at a company that ryhmes with Froogle. He also graduated top of his class in Economics from Tulane University ... which he rarely ever uses. 

My Work

  1. Managing Director
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Contact Me

Email me at evanwalter24 (the "at" symbol) gmail.com